Our Focus


Oil & Gas Field Services

Oil & Gas is Golden Investments holdings heritage industry and through the years we have maintained the operational knowledge and industry relationships that provide our partners with profitability through technical expertise and efficiency of operations. Alongside our functional experience in Oil & Gas Field Services, Golden Investments holdings actively advises international firms operating in the region. Considerable opportunities continue to exist for dynamic firms with niche expertise looking to serve all aspects of the Oil & Gas sector.


Artificial Intelligence

At Golden Investments holdings we are exploring opportunities in AI sector. Our areas of interest with regards to the implementation of AI include health care, financial services, transportation and manufacturing industry.

Machine learning is possible today due to a few reasons. First, because of the sheer volume of data that is being generated everyday; secondly more computation power is available due to cloud computing. Finally, we are ready to influence the industry with our contegious success.


Defense & Security

Golden Investments holdings has diversified to serve the demand for global security across public and private sectors. To meet these challenges, Golden Investments holdings has invested in a robust and complementary portfolio of global best-in-class companies. These include joint ventures with defense and aerospace contractors, direct equity in technology manufacturers, and distribution platforms within the security domain. Golden Investments holdings maintains strategic partnerships with leading multinationals to bring the next generation of security solutions to the region. Golden Investments holdings is poised to assist innovative companies in developing customized solutions to the unique challenges of the Middle East region.



Achieving a balanced portfolio of traditional and renewable generation sources is essential to meet long term global energy requirements. In the Dubia UAE, Golden Investments holdings leverages strategic working relationships with authorities such as ADWEA and DEWA to enhance and provide value to our partners in the fields of electric utilities service, electricity transmission, distribution, and power storage. In the GCC, Golden Investments holdings is partnered with a world leading supplier of sustainable energy solutions based on CSP topology. Golden Investments holdings is actively evaluating sustainable technologies including waste to energy, solar, and biomass by leveraging our sector experience in this dynamic field.