About Us

It's one thing to help someone achieve success. It's quite another to make it last. We help our clients do both.

We are dedicated to delivering only premium quality and comprehensive financial services. This is one of the highest priorities of our company. We provide comprehensive support throughout every stage of the investment process and even thereafter.

Our History

We are dedicated to helping clients achieve lasting success, by making their businesses more successful. We contribute to making their lives better.We deliver consistently relevant financial business solutions on which their business future success depends. By concentrating on our clients' emerging financial needs, we're able to create financial solutions that are consistently relevant and useful. This gives our clients more comfort today, and greater confidence in the future. We have been a leader and an innovator in the investment and financial services industry. Our wealth management businesses serve both companies and individuals who aim to start-up or improve their business. Our unique end-to-end approach, delivered by an experienced team of financial and investment professionals, untangles the complexities and complications of financial investment. Golden Investments holdings is a leading global provider of institutional and private client wealth management solutions, including asset management, investment processing, and investment operations. We offer a full spectrum of innovative and unrivalled investment and financial services which include both advisory and asset management. Our strength rests on diversified portfolio of Direct Capital Market Investments, Real Estate and Alternative Investments. We also manage proprietary listed equity portfolio comprising of local, GCC and Investment equities. The Marketable Securities Unit continues to successfully deploy funds in GCC and International equity markets achieving strong returns.


Our Company was established and registered in Dubai, UAE and have since cemented its position as a pioneering investment house. We have also developed some of the region's most innovative residential and commercial flagship infrastructure projects. Also providing its clients with carefully selected investment opportunities that are characterized by achieving the balance between risks and profits, and does its best for the development of its clients' investment through feasible projects that have economic value. It implements and adopts the highest level of ethical standards, internal controls and corporate governance practices. Our focus is on maximizing each business opportunity which is presented to us, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs, both in the Middle East and around the world. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and our diverse financial network.

Our Mission

Golden Investments holdings is a dynamic financial investment group with a clear vision to develop a high growth, diversified investment and commercial portfolio. Golden Investments holdings actively seeks unique opportunities to grow the value and potential of its investments. To achieve industry-leading performance, Golden Investments holdings deploys its deep market insight, innovative thinking and investment intelligence, which are hallmarks of the brand and its approach.

Our Team